In Use The first step was to install the drivers. My apologies for this, and hopefully you can be a little patient as this hopefully clears up on its own. I need the drivers and I can’t find a download anywhere. Then I decided to do a Zmodem transfer, where the transfer rate was as expected, and no retries or errors occurred even after leaving it for an hour. Remote Device Manager Monitor and maintain deployments. Of course, you could add another serial card and get another two ports, but after getting to that stage, you would often find issues with IRQ sharing leading to strange behaviour e.

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Enabling wireless robotics aboard the space station. Wireless Design Services World class design and development.

However, despite the Edgeport being branded a Digi product, its heritage is actually rather different. I only ever saw 4 port PCI cards because no-one really needed any more ports than that.

I did note that plugging in the device without drivers led to no drivers being installed as they could not be sourced from Windows Update, but apparently there is kernel level diigi for Edgeport devices in Linux.

The rear features 8 DB-9 ports in close proximity, with just enough space for regular plugs to clear. The Edgeport drivers come with a configuration utility for you to tweak some settings which can ease compatibility issues. Click for more about me! It also offers a self-testing page which allows you to test the ports by digital loopback and edfeport/8 external loopback requiring the loopback plug wired to edgeporg/8 specifications. The underside of the board does not house any particular components.


It is also available from Synnex. June 17, at This is a more comprehensive offering of options than any other USB to serial device I have used so far.

Edgeport/8 USB Product Detail – Digi International

Expert Support Upgrade for premium services Professional Services Development, consulting and training Compare Support Services Digi base, expert or professional services Support Tools Drivers, documentation and firmware. This entry was posted in Computing and tagged computer hardwaresalvageteardownusbvintage stuff. Proudly powered by WordPress. In Use The first step was to install the drivers.

Edgeport/8 USB

This company specialised in high performance USB adaptation solutions, with the Edgeport already showing up in their catalogues as of Thanks again for your comments on all of my recent posts — definitely inspiring and enlightening.

To open the unit, three feet have to be removed and four screws have to be undone. Here’s the latest v5. In reality as most devices operate with a lower baud rate, or half-duplex, this is probably unlikely to be a real constraint. Their product portfolio initially consisted of their DigiBoard, an ISA to multi-port Serial card, often recommended in product manuals for BBS and fax gateway softwares.

Technical Support Services Support services to meet any need.

The Goodies Rather surprisingly, the unit was in its original box, with the tape unopened except by the donor to check the contents. Similar set-ups with banks of modems could wlndows needed if you wanted to set up a fax gateway for an organization. It definitely works as expected, and seems to have a slight bonus when it comes to faster baud rates.


Failure Analysis and Mitigation. Thanks for the quick reply. Surprisingly, rates up to bps were working, whereas bps would respond with an error opening the port.

Then I decided to do a Sdgeport/8 transfer, where the transfer rate was as expected, and no retries or errors occurred even after leaving it for an hour. Welcome to Digi Forum, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.

Edgeport/8 DB-9 – 8 RS-232 serial DB-9

The unit seems to have been labelled edgeportt/8 Week 5 ofmaking it eight years old. Contact a Digi expert and get started today!

I need the drivers and I can’t find a download anywhere. Rapid Proof-of-Concept Project Planning.

There is the more boring pages where it shows you the basic information of the device and the ability to rename or reassign the Edfeport/8 port numbers.