Our Verdict A good-looking phone that would have broken new ground in , but will fade away in Alexa integration coming to Vector on Dec. It probably has a MB card. Much of Motorola’s recent success can be attributed to a combination of good marketing and bad spelling. Similarly, while most new phones come equipped with a 1 or 2 megapixel camera, the SLVR makes do with yesterday’s technology – a VGA lens, albeit with a 4x digital zoom, but no flash. But I did enjoy the pictures: Overall I think this is a great phone, I am able to produce and edit my own ringtones, the ringer get loud and the vibrate is easily noticed.

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The Slvr L6 also has a smaller screen than that of the Slvr L7. Please enable javascript to continue. Make room for fresh material by storing music tracks, digital photos, video clips and more on removable memory cards.

The only complaint is that you have to use the headset to listen to the radio. John Tuesday, January 31, – 2: Don’t just make a call – make a statement. The thing to remember, is that this is a phone first, not a mp3 player.


The Motorola L7 is reliable and eye catching. In other words, this is the same software as before, without any changes. The camera isnt the best but for simple shots it does fine and it also has video capabilities. Capturing iOS and tvOS screenshots using…. Watch out for them, there are lots of reports of people not getting what they expected and taking 2 months for customer motorlla to follow up on mistakes, if they do at all.


I might be convinced to hold off from buying this phone if there was a strong chance that an Apple phone is in the works. Viewing and Managing all of your Apple devices….


The only negative thing I can say about it is the internet browser leaves alot to be desired since all the internet sites wont work with this particular phone. Oddly, there’s no headphone socket, which means that you need to invest in a Bluetooth headset or wireless headphones if you want to privately listen to stored music.

Please use the inbrite. But the size differences are not going to be a dealbreaker for most people, who will find the L7 an aesthetically slick, if not quite RAZR-level improvement on traditional candybar-style motoroa, which are saddled with similarly small screens and keypads.

But like Apple’s iPod nano, their skinny design gives them a desirability other phones struggle to match.

Just a tad, can’t feel it in a drysuit. I just got mine the other day, I’m impressed with some things, can’t wait to get a MP on it though! L2, the thinnest version x 49 x 10 mmL6, a larger x 49 x I am waiting for the Apple iPhone. Viewing and Managing all of your Apple devices….


The 5MG internal memory, is like likey sticking a V4 in a ferrari, and expecting it to fly. At the Disco Sunflower Spider-Man: MacRumors ‘s Biggest Apple Leaks: Users can continue to listen to older audio files but cannot add new songs from the iTunes store. And this is a shame. Otherwise, the hardware is hugely similar: Twelve South Journal CaddySack. But I also realized that a phone should be a phone, you won’t ever get a great camera on a cell, nor the best set of sound, because if that was the case buying a maac or an ipod would be obsolete.

Better options are coming, and if you can wait for them, we think your motoeola would be better spent by doing so. It is expected in stores in the fourth quarter. What if I want a refund? mxc