His loyalty is to himself and his family. With proper modification to their ball height, they may see better numbers but who knows. Chris 5 years ago. The bag is the biggest thing not on the golfer obviously. The only people that even know live here on this forum the rest of the world will think that its a cally driver. Sign me up for the newsletter.

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Without callaway Phil is still all-world.

Mizuno MP Fast Track set at 1 and Oct 4, 38 Comments. Sean Oct 6, at 1: They would all use it. Dave Oct 4, at 9: Looks like one of my attempts at repainting!

Geek golf has been designing clubs this way for a long time. Next article Tour gossip: What the heck happened?

Phil Mickelson was very excited about the Callaway prototype he had mickeldon testing and contacted Callaway with a request to use their prototype tour driver this week. Don’t get your hopes up. Marketing spin from a marketing spinner. Really is the media that gullible and for that matter the buying public??


All the rest of his clubs are Callaway. Who released the best shoes and apparel this year?


Higher, Straighter and lower spin, case closed. Mickelson gushes about new driver. Mickelson is as loyal as a dog in rut. I think it looks cheap, and very gimmicky. TL Oct 9, at 7: It appears your browser may be outdated. Doug 5 years ago. It says a lot about how those drivers fit one individual.

We can accept the premise that the Callaway muckelson is not ready for a second year in a row and that Phil opts for a TM product to fill the gap for mickelskn second year in a row.

Shark 5 years ago. News 3 weeks ago. He felt he needed to have a driver in the bag since the rain and wet conditions had made the course play longer than it had earlier in the week.

Phil Mickelson Gushes About New Driver | Golf Channel

Think about what you just said. But players get hot for weeks at a time.


Sticky 5 years ago. If they rules allow you to do something and it helps you…. He obviously could be playing a volkey wedge or mizuno blades or prov1 if it he felt they were better and apparently he would.

Don’t Miss For golf apparel designer Rick Martin, quality and craftsmanship are always in season. Indexor 5 years ago.