The following class shows the standard JDBC three step process of connecting to a database. Open command – ‘The type initializer for ‘iAnywhere. I have note that restarting the database can allow me to make an new select wich is working. There is the getSQLState me I heard that i need to have sqlanywhere server engine to deploy my system as client-server system. Breck Carter [TeamSybase] wrote:

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Hi Robert, Sorry for the delay in responding. I have tried to unload my data The path to this log file can be a relative to where the jdbbcodbc application is running or, better yet, a full file system path. Where should I write the drive class name? Can we have an update for SQL Anywhere 17?

If so, do i need to install sqlanywhere server engine into window NT or just normal pc treat as server.

– Loading the iAnywhere JDBC driver

March 1, at 3: January 18, at 7: For information on how to create an internal connection from Java classes running inside the database server, see Establishing a connection from a server-side JDBC class. Breck — bcarter risingroad. I am not sure what could be happening- I admittedly not a Mac user at all.


The option to use jConnect still exists as jConnect 5. Where should they be on OS X?

Connecting to SQL Anywhere using JDBC

As presented, the example uses the JDBC 2. Being a pure Java driver, many Java developers looked to using Type 4 drivers in their solution to stay with the Java “write once, run anywhere” mantra. But when we try to hit the same page from a remote machine, we get a java. Code alternatives are included as comments in the source code if you want to use the jConnect 6.

This view working good with asa8 but now it does’nt.

Database connection to SQL Anywhere datasource in CloverGUI – CloverDX Forum

April 7, at November ndbcodbc, at But it is working with jdbc4. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.

Is sacrificing performance or functionality really worth the “pure Java” argument? IDriver Anyone knows how to solve this problem. Also placed the other files mentioned here:.


IDriver I know something like this would normally be caused by the classpath being wrong. Sybase was one of the first vendors to offer a Type 4 driver for their database platforms. For client-server system, do i need to install sqlanywhere server at server and idiver client as normal pc where my program is installed?

Could it be that the lib… files are still at the wrong place?

Of course, some additional work needs to be done on the part of the app to get jConnect to use this status byte. Are you ifriver the database engine or server? This is a screenshot. Below is the print screen of the class path? You will need to reset your news. See related articles to this posting.

Can any one help in how to either upgrade an 8.