Gap wedge, putt and birdie. Hit one, then some more thinking it was pretty good. There is no limit on the amount of golf clubs that you can trade in. Added a legitimate not guessing, actual rangefinder data 35 yards including the added roll. Gold shaft is the one for you. You will truly benefit but get fitted for the right shaft.

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Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

The red xll will do this for you, lowering the launch angle by arriving at the ball with less tip hyybore due to firmer tip and higher kickpoint. Both were forgiving, but the Hibore XL felt a little more solid at impact to me.

Got bitten by the bug; since starting in February I must have played 45 rounds. The first thing I noticed when swinging the XL Pro was the weight D-5 which is about 8 swingweights heavier my other driver. The first one is too shallow, closed-faced, and ugly, with no CG alignment aid. Just traded for this club.

Check shaft and loft options and find the one that launches correctly for you. The distance you are getting now is even more than some tour pros. I opted for the lower loft to get similar results to the Launcher. I have yet to play with someone who does!. I have been playing with it for about a year.


Back to back 66, all about that driver. Also thought the 8. No more 3 iron tee shots for me. Please provide dates you need sets delivered to you. These shafts have a high kickpoint and low torque for trajectory control. It still appears occasionally but nowhere near as frequently as before.

The flight I want is much higher than most guys think is optimum and this club delivers. The Hi-Bore tends to live up to its name and go high.

I have a How did this never come up when I could have exchanged it for a conforming one last summer? We had to re-hit and play with the shafts a little bit, so I would recommend this kind of Cleveland event, or using a good club fitter to test out the various shafts to see which one is better for you. Just purchased and played three rounds with the new Hibore XL, 9.

What has really thrown me off lately is that the face is offset 2 degrees, and I have really started to notice it when I set up over the ball. Can u use it in tournaments in the Philippines? When i was at the driving range last night i got to hit Hibore Xl with the standard shaft.

Today’s Golfer

Thanks Phil, I went in and just swapped clubs with the clubhouse this morning. I had tried some TP version Taylor Mades, but when I had the tech at Golf Smith check the loft and face angles on their equipment it became evident that TM has no quality control whatsover. I am 17 and been playing for about 4 months, about 3 times a week.


From my experience with the XL, I would say the red in stiff flex would be the way to go. I believe the only reason I really noticed it was the close quarters yhbore the driving range I was on as well as the almost lack of sound out of my Titleist.

A few months ago I was talking to my club pro who let me have yybore practice with the hibore. Try one is all I can say, especially if you tend to get a lot of spin on your drives causing them to balloon and robbing you of distance.

Going to take it out for a round this afternoon — really looking forward to it. Despite the super-shiny finish on the sole, and contrary to popular belief, the sole is not easily scratched.