Make sure that the left and right tractors are set so that the continuous forms are stretched taut. The unidirectional command is ignored. You can press the button to select the value. Clean the head with a soft cloth if necessary. This condition applies when you first use the printer. To access the forms tractors w, lock the cut sheet stand e and the back cover r together and raise them in the up position. When you switch the Macro selection from Macro 1 to Macro 2, Prestige will remain active, overriding the Courier set in Macro 2.

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Replacing the Ribbon Cartridge If printing is too light because of ribbon wear, replace the ribbon cartridge. Push the forms tractor unit toward the front of the printer. Set the paper thickness lever to position D widest gap.

Digital LA30W User guide |

DEC Interface A type of serial interface. You must specify the print line and the power rating when purchasing the printer. Retracting many pages by using the Park button without tearing off will cause paper jams. Rating label to indicate the printer power specifications Appendix A gives order numbers for printer supplies and options, explaining how to install them. Select the same protocol on the printer as is selected in your software. Continuous forms include labels and multipart forms eigital into the printer using the forms tractors.


The others are character sets. The Fault indicator blinks, indicating you should change the position of the paper select lever. Move the forms tractors as required.

Digital LA30W

This condition applies when you first use the printer. The printer substracts the offset 3F hexadecimal from the received code, assigning each of the remaining loworder six bits to a grid position: Open the xigital paper holders y. Platen A hard rubber cylinder that moves paper forward during printing. The following figure shows the location of each lever, indicators, and buttons: This printer has the following three resident command sets protocols: Do not use paper that is wrinkled or curled at the edges.

Maximum output current is 50 mA. Use help menus for quick reference while in the Set-Up mode.

You can easily slide the print head to the left or right when the power is off. Do not use solvents, kerosene, or abrasive cleaning materials that may damage the printer.

If jams occur, set the paper thickness lever to a wider position.

For continuous forms, make sure that the incoming and outgoing paper stacks are correctly placed. Unidirectional printing is slower than bidirectional printing, but the vertical alignment is more accurate. Make sure that the tractor unit is correctly installed and that the tractor shaft gear engages the platen shaft gear.


Undetermined values appear at the end of the list of pre-determined values, identified by the unit of the corresponding range. You are now ready to print using continuous forms paper. If you encounter problems that you cannot resolve, contact your dealer for assistance. The preselected factory settings are shown on the opposite page. The tractor guide u can be found below the right forms tractor, as seen from the back. Range Management for a Wide Range of Values The permitted range of these values may be limited considering physical range.

Jamming may occur during backward feeding. Change the left margin from column 1 to column If you change the value by a wide margin, you can keep the button pressed continuously; the printer beeps at intervals of 0.