Analyzing on an ordinary board can be very difficult for beginners when faced with variations. Still not cheap, but costs less than DGT boards. These boards offer real time analyses and allow you to go over each game after the fact to look for ways to improve in your next game. I know the DGT e board expensive, I have 2 of them. You can also play against stronger and stronger chess programs, like the award winning Pocket Grandmaster 2.

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We have done all that DGT support told us to do, downloaded chrss installed all their recommended drivers and software on now 5 Windows based computers, both 64 bit and 32 bit versions, loaded all their latest Rabbit plugins, and sent their support logs for analysis.

Add the DGT Boarf chess computer to t How much has it cost you already? Is the forum addictive? And you can do all this with the comfort and familiarity of a wooden board with elegant, hand carved chess pieces of your choosing.

We barely can get through a single game before the overall system stops working, either the ICC or playchess sites stop talking to the driver software their Rabbit plugin or the rabbit plugin stops communicating with the USB drivers and sometimes unplugging the USB and plugging it back in will kick start the rabbit software again but other times it crashes and locks the computers up mid game.

May 27, These digital chess clocks are great for tournament chess, for chess clubs and for any chess game.

The Best Electronic Chess Boards

Not only is stock extremely limited and hard to find at those lower prices, but anything you do find will likely not be of a suitable quality. Dec 13, 8.


This Deluxe Chess Travel Bag is made out of a thick canvas polyester and will hold a vinyl board, pieces and For tournament use, club use or at home, DGT offers the perfect e-Boards. The display is the xgt we’ve seen no squinting required.

Includes directions, no box.

Hopefully your opponent won’t notice. The boards on this list also feature a certain amount of future proofing in the form of regular dbt updates and replaceable hardware that make it possible to upgrade your board a little at a time as new technology comes out instead of having to keep buying new ones.

The boards are used to register and record games, for live game transmission, training, online play, computer play and game analysis. These boards offer real dg analyses and allow you to go over each game after the fact to look for ways to improve in your next game. This board is programmed dgy be usable in several different languages and for several different purposes. This way, the cheaper version can still do everything that the more expensive versions can.

We have had to adjourn or abort more games then we can get through using the DGT boards via the Internet. Skip to main content.

DGT E-boards – worth the money?

Computer analysis whilst playing against a human opponent For tournament use, club use or at home, DGT offers the perfect e-Boards. The game analysis features and stored memory function allows you to get feedback on all the games you play with this board, complete with suggestions on how to take your game to the next level based on alternate pathing.

Having come xhess the conclusion that trying to switch back and forwards from analysing positions on a computer screen to a ‘real’ chess board is hindering rather than helping my chess I was thinking about getting a DGT electronic board. The clock can also be used independently of the board, so you can use it with any of your chhess sets. My main problem is besides that the e board does not work with Mac OS X that I can’t use the board playing on chess.


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I’m on a Mac so I have waited as there is no official support for it yet So far, the DGT board is almost a big paperweight and chss of money for what we can do with it. Also, the eboard will record all your games you might want to keep for posterity.

Unfortunately the Novag Citrine reviews I’ve seen are universally unfavourable, it appears to be quite cheap and nasty for the price. Bord clock does not have any bonus or delay options.

Digital Game Technology – Digital Game Technology

Mar 30, 9. There are a few standard functions that dht good digital chess board should have, like real time analysis of games, ability to store played games in memory automatically, and ability to play against computer software as well as online opponents. But did you know that DGT clocks are also programmed for Go?