I guess the overall thing is to get fitted. The XL certainly has a great sound, more a crack but not too loud. It just got better, and the Pro came over to ask my opinion. Below average clubs offer a great value for someone who isn’t as interested in cosmetics but cares about performance. I was green with envy. PS Take some ear plugs, you won’t have to shout four, people will hear it coming!!!! Tons of clubface, and it sits on the ground very nicely — not closed.

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Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old graffaloy shaft in if the hosel fits and try it. Fairways are soft around here, once they firm up, I expect to be adding 20 — 30 yds to my driving distances.

I am currently in an area where a swing analyzer is not available. Tons of clubface, and it sits on 10.55 ground very nicely — not closed. If you hit a high ball, go with the red shaft.

I never heard this about conformity.

How are trade values determined? Despite the super-shiny finish on the sole, and contrary to popular belief, the sole is not easily scratched.

I tend to deloft the face a bit normally, so I get a great trajectory, plus decent distance and less dispersion than with a regular flex shaft.


Cleveland Golf Clubs HiBore XL 10.5* Driver Stiff

Spin will make the flight higher and keep the ball in the air. This is my first year really golfing just learning the game. Absolutely loved the feel and sound of the impact.

After all, a former 1 ranked golfer and two-time winner in plays it: At 2nd Swing Golf, we work very hard to accurately rate our clubs according to our condition guide. It sure is nice 10. know what hitting it yards and longer feels like from time to time.

I love the CG alignment aid.

Clevealnd can honestly say i am hitting more fairways than I was with my 3 wood and have hinore approx 20 yards. The golf magazine reviews of the Hibore XL in comparison to other drivers always puts it in the middle of the group they really have nothing to great to say about this club. And for me, with this club, is good for and the occasional yarder on a good wind x, a good fairway…. Now, given that the XL Pro is hiboge inch longer and 8 swingweights heavier, my results are not surprising.

The was a little right, ha! I was rushing my shots a bit and over swinging a bit. Went back to the Titleist and drives were back to normal length, maybe — carry with 10 — 15 yards roll.

T The loud sound at sweet Spot. I play with some guys who sky the ball and they were always able to get over trees on the egde of some dog legs which puts them in superb position for their second shot. If you still have the grafalloy shaft and liked it, try putting it in the new XL.


Cleveland HiBore Driver: Clubs | eBay

Im smashing it around yards, somethin i couldnt do with my old driver nike sq! I had a previous HiBore driver with a tip active shaft and it would drop my drives 30 yards short of where they are now. And very hard to hit sideways. HELP- and thank you!

Very long, golff straight and easy to hit. My question is which do your recommend, std or tour for a 65 year old with a 19 handicap, Backspin makes the ball rise higher and drop more vertically, especially into a breeze. Average This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition.

Cleveland Hibore XL Driver

Other than that, I think I might just go test one out myself. Travel Bags Shoe Bags. I used Cleveland Launcher Ti 9.