If an existing virtual secret disk is intended to store the data recovered from a backup copy, all of its current data will be lost upon backup data recovery replaced by the backup copy data. Hi, basically this is a known situation. Is there any chance to access it again? Enter the right backup copy alternative access password. I have this question too. Use special utilities to check the hard disk storing the backup copy.

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Hello Toby, It was a. This will allow you to restore your data in case the file-images are lost or corrupted see Backing up virtual encrypted disk data and Restoring virtual priivatedisk disk data sections. Set Read Only Disk check box if you want to connect the virtual disk in read-only mode.

This website uses cookies. Unfortunately I don’t have a backup file Changing virtual encrypted disk properties.

The Action column contains the descriptions of the actions that should be taken to handle the corresponding situation. Private Disk is running and must be closed. The v alue in the Disk Size field containing the information about the disk volume cannot be changed. Select a folder storing the disk backup copy, enter the backup copy file name in the File Name field, click Open.


Unable to backup the Private Disk! Please re-install the software and reboot before trying again.

Password to protect your sd, usb,hard drive.

You must install it! We promise that we will deal with your questions or suggestions within one working day after receiving your e-mail. The Explanation column contains the descriptions of the reason for this message. The symbol privatedis, the disk being installed has been allocated to another drive or has an illegal value.

Use special utilities to check the virtual secret disk. Wrong backup copy alternative access password was entered. You can go back to the disk creation options step, add about 10 MB of Additional Spacethen re-start the process.

What’s up with Private Disk event log errors?

Recommendations for ensuring Dekart Private Disk security. In order to enhance protection of your proprietary information we advise that you follow the recommendations listed below.

Autonomous channel for password authentication. Error message Suggested actions Private Disk is not installed. If there is enough free space, use special utilities for example, Norton Disk Doctor to check whether your stat disk storing the file-image has bad sectors or file system privatedissk. Neither write the password down, cwnnot hide this note if you did write it under your keyboard, try to remember it! I don’t have any PrivateDisk software. I would suggest reverting to a backup of your files.


Message 2 of 2. Thd, basically this is a known situation. Client Security Solution msg: We’d love to hear about it! Make sure that the file is not used by any application; perhaps the file is corrupt and it should be checked with file repair software. Which file was it that was renamed? Dekart Private Disk allows to restore the virtual secret disk data using the previously created backup copy see the section Backing up virtual encrypted disk data above.

Please re-install the software and reboot before. Battery Gauge toolbar missing from Vantage.